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Clients Say...

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Quotes THANK YOU SANDY! You've been such a blessing with your loving guidance! Love you! Quotes
Theresa (Mechanicsville, MD)
Energy Healing

Quotes I thought this was a fabulous workshop - I got a lot out of it. Thanks so much for coordinating this event Sandy! Quotes
Susan (LaPlata, MD)
Angel Workshop

Quotes An eye opening and exciting experience. Totally not what i had expected, would enjoy doing this again. Thank you Sandy! Quotes
Pamela (LaPlata, MD)
Past Life Regression Surprise

Quotes I was certainly touched during this session... The release was long overdue and well-deserved. Looking forward to next week! Happy to see new faces :) Quotes
Madonna (Waldorf, MD)
Meditation Client

Quotes Guided relaxation was wonderful. Still feeling the effects of the visualization today. Able to take myself to the field of flowers which relaxes me while I concentrate on my breathing. Quotes
Carol (Waldorf MD)
Mellow Meditator

Quotes Kira had given me a tarot reading and I could not believe how accurate it was. She is an amazing tarot card reader and if you have never had your cards read...I urge you to do so. Quotes
Robin Rosenberg

Quotes When I first heard about Reiki I was very skeptical. I am not sure about the "supernatural" and that is what I thought this was all about. I listened to Sandy's explanation and thought "whatever". My friend asked me to try it one night with her and I thought why not keep an open mind and give it a try (even though my thoughts were still very skeptical). Well, after the first session the only thing I can say is WOW!!! We were asked to keep any aches, pains and problems to ourselves for this session. I guess to try to make believers out of us. Well it worked. I play volleyball and had recently sprained my shoulder and my ankle, and they were very stiff and sore after sitting at my desk all day. I also had a migraine headache that day. I could not believe that these were the areas she concentrated on. I could not get over how good my shoulder and ankle felt when I walked out of there that night. My headache was not gone, but had eased up for the first time all day. Another issue I hav Quotes
Donna Wolff (Waldorf, MD)
Happy Reiki Customer

Quotes My results from my first Reiki treatment: total relaxation! Increased clarity; no knee soreness (still a week later); general overall good feeling; and a "Lightness" if that makes sense. I am so looking forward to my next one! Thanks Sandy! Quotes
Chrisie (Waldorf, MD)
First Reiki session with Sandy

Quotes I had Sandy use Reiki to see if I could get some stomach cramps to disappear. She quickly put her hands to work and I could feel the heat and energy flowing from her hands. My cramps almost subsided after only a few minutes! This was my first experience and I could feel it working. Quotes
Janelle (Wheaton, MD)
Reiki with Sandy


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  • "I enjoyed this chakra balancing energy session -I'm so glad I was able to make it in before work. (I think I actually performed better at work than usual! -I have the numbers to..."
    Madonna (Waldorf, MD)
    Zen Balance - In the Flow!
  • "I have been going to Crossing the Veil for almost a month now for guided meditation, as well as energy and crystal healing sessions. Both in a group setting and one on one. Sinc..."
    Kayla Johnson
    Feels more and more amazing

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