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Intuitive Card Readings

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In-depth Card Reading: 4+ cards or multiple questions
Yearly Outlook (12 Cards)
Celtic Cross (10 cards)
Yearly Outlook (7 Cards) $77
Three-Card Reading / One question $44
One-Card Reading / One question $15

To schedule an appointment for any of the services listed below, please use the form on the Contact page, call 301-885-0326, or email  Thank you!

Intuitive readings with oracle, angel, or tarot cards can provide insight and information into the questions that most concern you at the moment. No question is off limits, and readings can vary from simple layouts for an easy question to complicated, more in-depth readings for the tough life issues.  Layouts will vary based on the question(s) asked and type of reading requested. For more information on the readings, see descriptions below (list is not comprehensive of all readings available - please ask if you have something specific in mind). 

All readings come with a custom written report OR audio recording (at our choice) detailing information about the layout, the cards drawn, and the interpretation/message of the reading.

Please allow up to 48 hours to receive your reading report or recording via e-mail. Your report or audio recording will be e-mailed to the address used for payment unless otherwise specified.

This service is currently only available by email.  


Intuitive card readings are designed to give the questioner more insight into their question/problem/situation. However, it has become evident over the years that questioners place a great deal of stock in these readings, especially when they hear what is perceived as bad news. It must be stressed that any card reading, by any reader, is not set in stone. These readings do not indicate what will happen, only what is most likely to happen if the situation remains as it is. We (you and I) may discuss a course of action based on what we see in the reading, but it is your choice to follow the advice revealed in the reading or go another route. My advice to most people who receive an answer they don't care for is to change the situation. No outcome is 100% certain, and Crossing the Veil, LLC will never claim that the outcome seen in any particular reading is absolutely certain to happen

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In-depth Card Reading: 4+ cards or multiple questions

Our most popular choice of readings! Moving beyond the simpler one to three-card readings, there is an infinite variety of readings to explore to lend insight on any facet of life wherein you desire to gain deeper understanding. Based on our communications for the reading, a layout will be designed to reveal to you what you most want/need to know in regards to the specific issue(s) of the inquiry.

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Yearly Outlook (12 Cards)

This reading gives insight into what the next 12 months could hold for you. Individual cards represent one of the next 12 months and show what that month could hold for you. Compared to the 7-card yearly outlook, this reading is somewhat more specific in terms of what could happen for you in each of the subsequent months. A popular choice around the New Year, this kind of reading is not limited to a January to December yearly time frame. It can be applied to any 12-month span.

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Celtic Cross (10 Cards)

The Celtic Cross is one of the most popular and most well-known card spreads. It is great for taking an in-depth look at a problem or situation. The Cross requires 10 cards and shows, among other things: the conflict or problem, the outcome you want most, past influences on the situation, what you hope will happen regarding the situation, and what the probable outcome will be if things remain as they are.

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Yearly Outlook (7 Cards)

Curious to know what the next 12 months could hold for you? This reading gives insight into the upcoming year in your life. The individual cards are not bound to a particular time frame in the way the 12-card yearly outlook is. With 7 cards, this reading shows what could be coming your way in any area of your life, whether that includes employment, romance, family, religion, or lifestyle. A popular choice around the New Year, this kind of reading is not limited to a January to December yearly time frame. It can be applied to any 12-month span.

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Three-Card Reading

A 3-card spread is usually used for questions that do not have an easy yes or no answer. It's great for gaining insight into a particular situation. Popular layout choices, among innumerable others, include:

  • past-present-future
  • mind-body-soul
  • health-wealth-love

Each card of the reading would represent one of the categories. For example, card 1 is the past, card 2 is the present, card 3 is the future.

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One-Card Reading

A basic one-card reading is helpful for gaining general insight in response to simple life questions. This kind of reading can be used for any question, but is best for yes/no questions.

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